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What is an “energy audit”?

An energy audit is a professional energy efficiency investigation process. It can be done on residential or commercial buildings. It should include an energy usage analysis, air leakage measurement with blower door test, a walk through survey, infrared survey, and health and safety measurements including combustion analysis. Duct leakage measurement is optional.

Why I should have an audit?

If you are planning to upgrade your home’s efficiency you want to get the” bang for your buck”. Let us help you with this process. We are certified and highly trained and ready to serve you. We use professional, high quality tools and software to perform accurate measurements and calculate the best ways for you to save money and energy. We don’t have any interest to sell you something you don’t need.

Why I should pay for an audit if I can get it for FREE?

Companies who offer you “free” energy audit are making money to sell you something they are interested in. It could be insulation, windows, HVAC etc. These “free energy audits” concentrate to sell you something. Do you really think that someone is spending 2-3 hours at your house and taking measurements for nothing?  We are a third party independent energy efficiency consulting company.  We don’t sell any products to you; we give you the confidence to invest your money wisely on improvements with the shortest payback time.

What I can do with your report?

Our report and recommendations are certified professional documents. Every “Energy Efficiency Loan” or “Energy Efficiency Mortgage” program requires certified documentation about the improvements. Every “Energy Efficiency Rebate” program (for example MetEd Whole House Program) also requires certified documentation for the application. Our report is a very useful information packet with recommendations that can be used by every home performance contractor as a work order.

How can I find a building performance contractor I can trust?

Every loan or rebate program has a “certified contractors” list. You can also use our recommendations. We worked together with numerous contractors over the last 5 years and tested their installations, checking the quality of their work. Our networking group connection allows us to take quality control measurements and be sure everything is installed the way we intended it to. Quality is our priority. You pay for the service, you deserve the best.

What is the average savings on an average home?

It is hard to tell without taking certain measurements. Based on our experience of performing comprehensive audits on more than 1000 homes in the last 5 years the saving could be between 5-65%.  It depends on the situation. For example just switching from oil to natural gas should save you about 50-60% on your heating bill thanks to new technology on gas furnaces and boilers.

Why us?

We are the most educated building performance consulting company in the area, performing more than 1000 energy audit in the last 6 years. Our knowledge with a strong heating professional background and one of the best HERS rating provider behind us makes us unique and different from any other energy consultants. We believe you deserve the best for your money. We do not sell anything to you, but we give you the best options on how you can get the “most bang for your buck”. We can help you contact local contractors, and with a simple follow up be sure you will get the best quality for your money. We work with contractors to help them to become the best.