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Tools & Software

With a calibrated blower door, watt meter, combustion analyzer and the newest infrared technology we are measuring, calculating and recording seasonal- and base loads. We also find home air leaks, analyze heating and cooling systems, and look for temperature differences on the target areas to find missing insulation and identify the source of air leaks. These temperature differences show the auditor and the home owner the possibility of energy loss thru the existing building shell, duct system or hot water system. For example with this technology we can calculate heating loads or input ratings, seasonal heat loss, Minimum Ventilation Guideline and kWh usage. We can identify missing insulation, air and water leaks, overloaded electrical circuits. We can also detect malfunctioning heating, cooling and hot water systems. We are also able to measure steady-state efficiency (SSE) and calculate saving-to-investment ratio (SIR).  We record the findings and analyze every measurement.

Within 5 business days after the energy audit you will receive a printed recommendation or complete work order for repairs based on test results (includes a priority list for future improvements, blower-door test analysis, steady-state-efficiency test, CO test).  For your request we can also send you a CD with the infrared pictures that were taken.

Minneapolis Blower Door

We are using Minneapolis blower door, pressure pan, DG-700 pressure and flow gauge with Tectite air tightness test analysis software to analyze the air leakage and the duct system on your home. It measures house pressure and airflow from 11 CFM to 6300 CFM...more info

Minneapolis Duct Blaster

Minneapolis Duct Blaster is a professional equipment to measure the leakage and identify the leakage points of the duct system. Duct Blaster can measure total duct leakage and duct leakage to outside. Total duct leakage test is required for every new and retrofit duct work on forced hot air heating system by 2009 International Residential Code. Air seal and insulate your duct system on the right way could save you hundreds of dollars...more info

FLIR T400 Infrared Camera

Our camera is the T-400 from FLIR. The features of this camera are wider than a regular home inspector B-series infra camera. This equipment is perfect to make infrared scanning on commercial and residential buildings, and also on high temperature units, for example engines, motors, bearings, electrical appliances, power substations, production lines etc. This camera temperature range is between -8F to 2192F. It has a High Thermal Sensitivity for Maximum Temperature Accuracy. The camera can make Thermal fusion (merging of visible light and IR image), and FLIR fusion (picture in picture -PIP- resizable and movable) and lot of other functions. Our software is the latest version of the Reporter 8.3 software, which creates professionally analyzed reports...more info

Testo  327 Combustion Analyzer

Our Testo analyzer is a perfect usefull tool to analyse CO, O2, CO2 in the flue gases of your combustion appliances (boiler, water heater, stove, dryer) and calculate Steady-State Efficiency (SSE). The analyzer also measures the ambient CO level in your living area. For healthy adults, CO becomes toxic when it reaches a level higher than 35 ppm (parts per million) with continuous exposure over an eight hour period. When the level of CO becomes higher than that, a person will suffer from symptoms of exposure. Mild exposure over a few hours (a CO level between 70 ppm and 100 ppm) include flu-like symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes and a runny nose. Medium exposure (a CO level between 150 ppm to 300 ppm) will produce dizziness, drowsiness and vomiting. Extreme exposure (a CO level of 400 ppm and higher) will result in unconsciousness, brain damage and death...more info

Wrightsoft Software

Using the only fully integrated residential and commercial software solution, Wrightsoft's software enables us to draw our load in minutes, using the drag0and-drop HVAC Shapes.  Automatically, allowing our ducts to be radiant designs and nearly complete.  Overall, this technology will expedite your timeline because your parts lists and proposal will be generated instantaneously...more info

ENVI Energy Monitor System

Current Cost Energy Monitoring system installation is easy and simple. This unit monitors, calculates and shows the power usage on your home. The system gives you detailed information about how much power you used, when your power usage occures, and how much it cost to you...more info

Using these equipments together with our knowledge, we have created a professional service for our costumers.

We Are Licenced and Fully Insured ~ Licence# PA007413