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Residential Services

We are a third party independent building performance consulting company. The main purpose of our reports and recommendations is to help you understand how you can “get the most bang for the buck”.

We won’t sell any products to you, we have no interest in making any extra profit on your energy related improvements. We believe all “free” energy audit and any “free” energy efficiency related consultation is just a sales pitch and not an objective assessment of your home’s efficiency. Sales people are more interested in selling you something than saving you money.  Our business model is simple: We use our knowledge and years of experience to give you the most cost effective ways to reduce your home’s energy usage and make your home more comfortable.

Building Performance Consultation

Our professional service comes with a final report which includes all of the findings and their solutions how you can improve the comfort in your home by making it more energy efficient and reducing your utility bills at the same time. Utility programs require the use their software to create your final report.
As an additional service our private report should include digital and infrared pictures for better understanding of the problematic areas.  It should also include health and safety problems if they exist because your family's health and safety is our priority when considering any kind of home improvements.   

  • HERS rating
  • Energy saving calculation with payback time for energy efficiency upgrades
  • HVAC system design and installation inspection with verification
  • Heating and cooling load calculation (Man J and Man D)
  • Weatherization Quality Assurance Inspection

If you are buying a new home or just making any kind of energy related investments and would like to get a professional third party review, you should contact us.

Energy Efficiency Rebates

  • Utility Rebates
    •  Multiple rebates are available for FirstEnergy (MetEd) clients through the Whole House Program
    •  Multiple rebates are available for PPL clients through the E-power Program

Energy Efficiency Loans

Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EEM)

  • Additional low interest rate mortgage for new built homes
  • Additional low interest mortgage for refinancing existing homes
  • Get up to 5% of the appraised value for energy improvements
  • Appraisal does not need to reflect the EEM package for new or existing construction
  • Do not have to qualify for the additional mortgage amount
  • Purchase or refinance
  • Mortgage Information